5 Top Modern Blind Trends You’ll Want to Follow

When it comes to interior design, blinds are often forgotten in favour of curtains. But if you want to dress up your windows, don’t miss out on the huge range of beautiful looks that blinds can create.

Keep reading to discover 5 top blind trends you’ll want to follow.

1. Go natural

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular in all kinds of interior design at the moment. And this stretches to blinds. As the benefits of incorporating nature into your home become increasingly obvious, homeowners are looking for more and more ways to work it into their interiors.

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If you want to use your blinds to create a natural look, try wooden venetian blinds. Simple, practical and stylish, they can look good in any room of your home, especially when coordinated with wooden furniture or floorboards. Or if you prefer fabric blinds, go for roman or roller blinds in rich, lush greens.

2. Add dimension

Thick, textured fabric blinds are also on trend this year. These are a great way to give your windows dimension and create a feature without using bright colours. In fact, thick or unusually-textured roman or roller blinds actually look best in neutral colours, so they don’t become too busy.

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Using woven or coarse textures not only gives your blinds a unique look, it can also help to insulate your windows.

3. Use oversized florals

Florals are absolutely timeless, so will always look great in your home. Oversized floral designs are particularly popular this year and can look wonderful in bright colours.

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Floral roman or roller blinds can look cosy and luxurious in living rooms and make a great alternative to curtains.

4. Be bold

Venetian blinds, which are a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens, often tend to look dull and functional. But they don’t have to. Putting up bold, bright, block-coloured blinds in your bathroom, or any room, can create a fantastic feature, particularly if you contrast them with neutral walls.

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Plus, getting creative with your bathroom blinds can be a great way to give the room a new look without investing in new tiles or flooring.

5. Go geometric

Micro geometric patterns are really popular this year and can look brilliant on fabric blinds.

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These look best in contrasting colours, so try to find ones that combine light and dark shades. Or if you’re feeling brave, go for bigger patterns that combine several colours.

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Evy Coe

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