Advice on Picking a Blinds Pro

Picking a blinds pro is a task that needs a good amount of time and effort. The right professional can leave you with some beautiful blinds but the wrong one will just waste your time and money.

To help you get the right pro for your project, we’ve put together a few handy tips.

Picking a blinds pro

There several things you can do to help you when you’re picking a blinds pro for your project:

Ask them to visit your property to quote

When you get a quote from a tradesperson, it’s important for it to be accurate. Otherwise, you could end up spending more than you bargained for. To get the most accurate quote possible, make sure the tradesperson has seen the work that you want to be done first.

Get multiple quotes

When you’re getting quotes, don’t stop at one or two. To get the best price you can, request as many as possible. Then you can compare prices and work out which is the fairest deal. Steer clear of excessively low or high quotes as you probably won’t get the service you expect.

Verify their insurance, company name and address

Before you hire a tradesperson, make sure you get proof of their insurance, company name and address. This will confirm their identity and that they’re covered if the work goes wrong.

Avoid cold callers

If you’re after a quality pro, it’s best to avoid cold callers. Tradespeople who turn up at your door out of the blue may not do quality work or be who they say they are. Don’t feel pressured to hire them just because they’re right in front of you.

Look up customer reviews

It’s also worth looking up customer reviews before you hire a tradesperson. Have a look online or visit their Quotatis profile page if you found them through our service. This will help you work out whether they do quality work. If you can’t find any reviews then ask the pro for references.

Ask about blind safety regulations

A quality blinds pro will know about blind safety regulations and be able to tell you a bit about them. If they can’t then they may not be the best professional for you.

Hopefully, you should now find picking a blinds pro a bit easier. If you’re struggling to find professionals in our area, complete our online form. We’ll connect you with up to 4 blinds pros in your area.