Blinds Project Timeline

If you want to get new blinds for your home, it’s worth finding out how long this will take. Then if you want your windows looking good for a certain occasion, you’ll know when to get your blinds project started.

We’ve put together a simple timeline of how long your blinds project is likely to take. Make sure you only treat this as a rough guide – your project could easily take more or less time.

How long will a blinds project take?

Research: 1 week

It’s really important to spend a good amount of time researching blinds and deciding what you want. There are lots of different types of blinds – from conservatory blinds to window shutters, you need to figure out what you want.

Once you’ve done this you should look for local fitters who specialise in that type of blind. Make sure that you contact multiple fitters and ask them all for quotes. You can then compare the quotes and work out which one to accept. Ensure you look for any customer reviews on the fitters you’re considering so you know whether they’re the kind of professional you’re looking for.

Measuring and manufacturing: 2 days – 3 weeks

Once you’ve chosen a professional, they’ll need to measure your windows and get your blinds made if necessary. How long it takes to do this depends on how many blinds you want and their size. Measuring up shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours and if your windows are a standard size, you could get your blinds in 1-2 days. However, if you want lots of blinds that need to be custom-made, you could be waiting up to around 3 weeks.

Fitting: 1 hour – 1 day

Once you’ve got your blinds, they’re ready to be fitted. If you’re only getting a few simple blinds installed then a professional can do this in a couple of hours. But if you’re getting several blinds installed and/or they have particularly complex mechanisms, it’s more likely to take closer to a day.

Total time: 1.5 weeks – 4 weeks

Now you should have a rough idea of how long you blinds project will take. To get started, get in touch with up to 4 local blind companies by completing the form below.